Eastern Region Junior Championships

TBW23 Eastern Region Junior Championships 1

Sunday 17th September.

Eastern Region Junior Championships.

Lyster Romero racing and reporting.

TBW23 Eastern Region Junior Championships 2

"In this photo we see what it looked like before the start. A beautiful, sunny, 22 degree day. Literally the calm before the storm 😂
Raced the eastern region junior champs today everyone. Felt really good. Chucked it down from the start. The comms neutralised it for half a lap when it was raining the hardest. But it continued to rain for the next hour. Loads of people jpulling out, was freezing, but i chose to carry on.
With the bunch getting down to about 15 I started thinking that i could get away with a sweet result.
I was using a different tyre on the rear than usual. A schwalbe one. I've been riding it for months but not raced it in the wet yet. I was slipping and sliding even in a straight line.
Like i say carried on though until the last lap where I went through a flooded section of road where I punctured. A minute for neutral to replace and i kept calm as I knew I could chase on if I gave it some gas. 
The neutral didn't give me a tow as they went to help another rider, so I was left on my own. 
The rear wheel was rubbing and I notice the quick release half done up. So I stop and have to call it a day.
Apparently because so many people pulled out, I still made points. Hopefully I will find some pictures soon to show the most grim race of my life 😁

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