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So April I’ve had some big races with also big load of bad luck. Started April off with the first premier calendar of the year Chorley GP. My local race I was looking to have a good ride having the local knowledge of the course. Warmed up and ready to do I positioned myself right on the front ready to go. It all kicked off with a big break going which then meant the bunch sat back, making it very easy going up the climb for the first, at some parts even stopping. On the decent I had a slight problem being that I couldn’t change into the big ring, going down a decent at 50mph in the little ring doing 140rpm wasn’t ideal but I managed to hang on. I called my team car up to help me fix the problem which they did. Then as you do used the team car to get into the race, well until a commissaire came up to the car shouting to move from behind the car, I was quite confused as to why and then he shouted again otherwise the team car and I would be removed from the race, btw at this point another team car, no names mentioned flew past with 3 pro riders on the back in which I could reply as I was speechless, one rule for some and another for others. Anyway as I was told to remove myself from behind the car it was impossible for me to catch the bunch up even though I tried. Highly frustrated that my race had been ruined due to a unfair decision out of my control.

Onto the next weekend was the UCI 1.2 Cicle Classic. This would be my first time at the event and I was apprehensive as there’s always such big talk about the race and what happens, I.e punctures, crashes, many problems. Again met the team at the start, sun shining ready to go. I decided I’d try to get into the first break of the day, as soon as it went I attacked with a couple of other riders but soon to be closed, tried again but now realising nothing was going for a while. So I sat in the bunch chilling at 28mph until the first “Sector” meaning off road, potholes, grass, farm tracks, whatever it was. Instantly stuck behind the first crash of the day but also enjoying riding on these type of tracks. Carried on back through the convoy to regain contact with the bunch readying myself for the next sector. This sector had some huge craters, even making the team car puncture as-well as many others. Going round the last corner, bang the fate hit and I punctured. After being behind due to crashes already it was becoming a relentless chase again again and again back to bunch. Doing this multiple times took it out my legs ending in me being dropped from the bunch. Knowing that again it’s just bad luck I was happy with the legs even though this happened as you can only burn so many matches until you run out. 

After lending wheels for the start of the season I managed to save up a little bit and with the help of the funding from the Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund I was able to buy some amazing dura ace c35 carbon tubular wheels. Without the support I obviously wouldn’t of been able to buy these, so thanks again to the Trust Fund I’m really making a difference!

I have a busy month coming up with 2 Stage races, home and abroad throughout May as-well as Lincoln Grand Prix. The biggest target for this month being the Trofee Kuci stage race in Montenegro. A big race, big prize Fund, I’m hoping to get right up there on the stages with the support of my team mates hopefully we’ll be able to help each there come back with a win! I’ll be travelling out on the 30th of May for a week. I’ll ask be heading of to the Lewis Balyckyi Crits at Preston arena on Thursday nights to support my supporters and try to get a cheeky win.

I’d like to thank the Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund again for supporting me, really makes a difference, Jason the team manager at TBW23 for giving us such a good race programme and support in the races trying to make our lives as easy as possible, and to my coach Roy Holmes for not just being a coach but a personal mechanic, mentor and friend.


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