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The sun has gone for many but not for me, as at the end of August I’m off to Tenerife for the Vuelta de Isla Tenerife. This is a 4 day stage race consisting of 5 stages, after that I’ll be back home for 5 days before jetting off to China for the Tour of Poyang lake, in my eyes one of the best races in the world! I can’t wait and using the month of August month to prepare to try and make sure I peak for these races. Also a few big British races beforehand.

July had been up and down for me with a few crashes and few good results. First solid results was the National A Leverhulme Grand Prix. Quite local race me on a course I’ve not ridden I was looking forward to it. There was some decent riders there so was prepared to have a tough race. From the gun there were attacks going off and after about 3 Laps the winning break went which I missed as they countered my attack straight over the top of me. This break has 2 super strong riders which were hard to bring back. But I reset and tried to get into a counter break which I did. With a pro rider and 3 others, the five of us managed to get out of sight. The hard part was yet to come for me with the jumping around, my weak point in cycling. 4 Laps to go it started, I was able to close what I could until a rider from vitus pro cycling jumped around me into the headwind leaving a gap I just couldn’t close. I was then left riding around on my limit wondering if I was going to get caught, luckily for me a group of 3 came across to me and I rode with those guys to the finish for a 12th place, a hard race for me not being suited to it but I was happy with how it went and how the legs were. 

Another good race was the Colne Gp. I enjoy this town centre circuit as it fast and flowing which for a crit is good for me rather than the tighter ones. With the help from my coach he gave me advice on what and when to do it so I was ready to go knowing I was strong enough to win this race. Was fast from the start but I was feeling good, sat in the middle of the bunch waiting for my time, 11 minutes in I went down in a crash just before the finish line, someone threw something onto he circuit I heard? Foolish and ruined my race and many others. So I was out and that was that but luckily both myself and my bike were fine.

Now I am going to be doing a solid block of training with some target races aswell as the longest National B road race in the country this month before heading abroad. These should help me prepare for longer stages on the bike and the repeated daily races. I do think stage races suit me much more than one day races, and having the experience from racing China last year I know what to expect both race and food wise, I will be taking a suitcase of my own food as I don’t want a repeat of last year to loose 8kg in a week from Illness. 

After China I hope to do some more racing in Asia but we will see. I’d love to end the season with a few foreign stage wins to help me secure a team for next season. That’s my goal and helping me achieve this are The Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund who help me get to these places, my coach who helps prepare me physically and all the sponsors of my team who supply me with all the equipment I need to race at the top level. All I need to do now I win.

Thanks to all the support from everyone you can follow there social media accounts below for regular updates, photos and news. Thanks for reading


• The Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund

• TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Bottecchia


• @holmescyclinguk


Thanks to the sponsors

Thanks to the sponsors…

TBW23. https://www.tbw23.com/

Stuart Hall Cycling. https://stuarthallcycling.co.uk/

Gett Taxi Uk. https://gett.com/uk/

TBW The Bike Warehouse www.thebikewarehouse.net

Bottecchia https://www.bottecchiauk.com/

SH+ www.shplus.com

SIS http://www.scienceinsport.com/

Lake shoes http://www.lakecycling.com/

TrainSharp  http://www.trainsharpcyclecoaching.co.uk/

Prosport Distribution http://www.prosportdistribution.com/

Chapeau http://www.chapeau.cc/

Velotoze http://www.velotoze.com

XIT http://www.prosportdistribution.com/products/xit-basewear/

Andrew Hillman fb.me/sportsmassageandrewhillman

Wigmore Cycling Club http://www.bc-clubs.co.uk/wigmorecc/


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