Seeing Clearly, Looking Good and Feeling Less Poor with Sunglasses Restorer December 8, 2018 | Josh Copley @CyclingCopley

So a few weeks back ‘Sunglasses Restorer’ reached out to me through my website, asking if I could give them my thoughts on their very cool looking lens and the article that they had recently published.   I gave them some feedback and complimented the detail in the article. ( The concept here is about much more reasonably priced replacement lenses for your Oakley frames.

 They then asked if they could send me two sets of their lens to review.  They gave me a choice.  The two that I requested were the ‘Oakley Replacement’ Lenses in a Fire Iridium, and a set of the Jawbreaker Photochromic Lenses in Grey, both at a reasonable $29.

 They arrived quickly and I was able to use them that weekend on my ride.

 I put in the Standard Fire Iridium Lenses first.





They looked great, a real contrast against my white frames -  the lens have more of a red colouring than in the photos online so a great contrast.  The lens also seemed to fit into the frames a little bit snugger than my genuine Oakley lens. This may in fact be due to wear and tear of my Oakley lens but I’m not sure.


I wasn’t surprised to find they did the basics well – eyes felt protected from the elements and managed the bright conditions well.   More technically however, I did find they made images darker, more like your traditional sunglasses than the variable light image I get from my Oakley lenses (which vary the light in the image depending on how strong the light).  But let’s not forget the cost here!  Also the edge of the lenses (the peripheral vision) doesn’t seem to refract the light that smoothly but I do feel this is somewhat minor. 


Now onto image which ‘isn’t everything’ but is ‘definitely something’.  I got many compliments and when I told them they weren’t Oakley lenses fellow riders were most impressed


I also used a set of the clear lenses.



The timing was perfect for my review. I was hit with a few weeks of rain and terrible light conditions. We had a week where I saw no sun. This is where the clear lens come into their own when there is such poor light that all you want is the eye protection, over light tint. I used them a lot




To wrap up; Great glasses, a few little niggles and for the price an absolute steal given they cost only $29 rather than the $130 for the Oakley lens