Crit crisis 53X11 Mckay

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to ride a road race for the past three weekends. Instead I’ve had to get my racing fix in with a few midweek crits.

Velopark 19/7

I was feeling strong off the back of my block in France and was aggressive in order to try to form a break. However, the wind meant going alone was tough and no one but Joe Murray from London Dynamo seemed to be up for much. I had another dig late on but it was all together for the last lap so gave the kick a go.

What I learned: you need bodies to fight the wind

Savagery rating: 7/10

Result: 7th

Redbrige 20/7

Rise and shine. a new day in the big smoke brings a fresh opportunity to put your hands in the air. Tonights target- hog hill. I made it to the circuit alive, managing to avoid countless choppy moves riding through Tottenham Hale. Good start.

After a flat out first couple of laps, the paced lulled whilst the small field caught their breath. I rolled off the front and gave it a churn. the bunch let me hang in the wind, and despite making some leeway, I was brought back after about 25 minutes good training.

Then I really had to dig in; despite catching me the chasers weren’t holding back. The second half of the race was spent just holding on to the express train. With a couple slipping off in the final 10 minutes, I had no legs to follow so finished in the bunch. Sprinting backwards as usual I rolled in 10th. Fortunately after a little lie down, I’d recharged to race Jamie and the evening light home.

What I learned: if you’re going solo, don’t go too early

Savagery rating: 8/10

Result: 10th


Velopark 26/7

Next weekend’s action started pretty disasterously when I took out team-mate Tyler whilst he warmed up on the rollers. But things went from bad to worse after I got straight in the winning break with just two other riders. I nearly blew up following a monstrous move by Maris Petrache, a Romanian pro hot off the Red Hook London grid.

I was pulling turns, just hanging on when a Catord rider bridged across and we began 3-upping. I really had gone deep at this point and had to miss a few turns. Unfortunately the Catford lad hit me after I pulled through again, leaving me in no-mans land between the bunch and the break.

I waited, was swallowed up, and rolled around for the rest of the race. I felt like an absolute shell.

What I learned: if you’re blowing, don’t pull a turn

Savagery rating: 8/10

Result: 18th


Redbridge 27/7

didn’t even get to this one. after experiencing some sharp chest pain, I rang 111 when it didn’t go away. the bloke told me to go to a&e straight away. I was fast tracked through Northwick Park, and ended up in an extreme waiting room with guys on drips and oxygen. The nurse was a bit alarmed with my heart rate when she hooked me onto the ECG but I assured her I was an avid cyclist. I nearly passed out after a blood test but got an x-ray done once the lightheadedness had passed.

Copy of the ECG

Once the results had been analysed I, and a physical examination by a doctor, I was told I had probably pulled or strained an intercostal muscle. One which coincidentally was just over where my heart was beating. I was initially relieved, but  soon turned glum after my coach told me no racing for the next few days. The boss’s orders were to take it easy and make sure I was in good health before next week.

This brings me to reveal that I will be off on the 1st of August to Belgium where I will be staying for the whole month. I’ll be based in Oudenaarde in East Flanders, 30km south of Gent