Dreececycling Winter is over?

Winter is over?

It’s been a few months since my last blog. After the Tour of Tobago I had 5 weeks off the bike, 3 of which were spent in Bali . I normally only have 2 weeks off after the season but I thought I’d try something different this time and it’s seem to have worked so far. 

The weather itself wasn’t to bad over December which was when I started back on the bike. Half my time was spent in the gym focusing on strength, conditioning and core work and the other half on the road. The weather did take a turn halfway through January, luckily enough though I jetted off at the start of January to altea in south Spain and spent just over 5 weeks there. There I built a solid base with a lot of long efforts in. I also applied a no stop rule to all my rides which certainly has helped, well because you can’t stop in a race can you? Far to many people go to Spain and sit in the cafe longer than they ride . 

Now back in the UK, not for long though, I have a few local races to start the season then in the first week of April I’m off to do the Tour Ta Malta, in Malta lol. My aim is to win the GC on this race as I know I’m more than capable of doing so especially after the winter and current form that I have.

I’ll be riding for the same team this season which is TBW Stuart hall cycling Botteechia. Long name, we have a lot of foreign races planned which is what I love and aim to do well in.

I will he support by the Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund. A huge shock when I got the call again and totally grateful for there help and support over the past few years. I believe this will be by far my most successful and I can’t wait to race. Again thanks for this season support it really makes all the difference enabling riders to be full time on the bike.

Also thanks for to my coach Roy Holmes of Holmes cycling for putting up with my late ride uploads and being my personal mechanic. Thanks Roy!

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