Roy Thame Cup Road Race

Roy Thame Cup Race Report 2019 The Roy Thame Cup, National B road race approx. 75 miles around a circuit (4.5 laps) in Buckinghamshire. A really windy day with plenty of cross wind sections along the course which could split things up. The race began after a long neutral from HQ, through the narrow roads of Buckingham and then began when the roads opened up. I began the race at front of the bunch following the moves trying to get in the early break. Nothing really stuck. One move did go up the road for a few minutes which included team mate Daniel Nieto so I tried to mark the moves. That was then brought back, and shortly after I attacked and formed a group of 9 riders. With 4 laps to go we had a small gap on the bunch but were working well together to pull out the advantage. By 3 to go, the gap had increased by over a minute, legs were feeling good, kept on top of my hydration and fuel. Just before 2 to go, the race then got stopped because of the way the bunch were riding behind which meant I could restock on gels and drink thanks to the DS Josh Parkin. Shortly after, the race was restarted and our gap was given back to us, we started hard to ensure we kept the gap. With 2 to go, I started to hide in the group trying to save my legs for the last half a lap. I managed to sit in the wheels doing the odd turn to keep it flowing. With 1 lap to go, we had an advantage of over 2 minutes but the chaningang kept flowing until half a lap to go where riders started sitting on. A rider then attacked and got a gap, no one really followed and we just looked at each other. For approximately 3-4 miles we messed about and by the time we got on the final road, the rider had a good gap. Didn’t have much left for the final sprint but managed to get 9th. Happy with the result, tough day out in the saddle.

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