Ponteland GP national B -

Ponteland GP national B - Sunday 5th May - Matty Dobbing reporting:

A fast race from the start, I just sat in to save my matches for later. A break with a Ribble rider and a Richardson trek rider got a 15 second advantage with 2 riders trying to bridge, I thought this break would stick and therefore I jumped to the 2 chasers then attacked them to jump across to the 2 leaders. We then worked well but unfortunately only lasted 10 miles before being brought back by the bunch. A lapse in concentration cost me with less than a lap to go, miss judging a corner and almost slipping off, I managed to save it by going onto the grass then in to a Bush. Quickly getting back onto the bike, I began to chase but the bunch were moving fast into the sprint, meaning I finished only a few seconds down after riding full gas and trying to get back on. This was a light crash compared to the 15 riders down in the sprint. The form is coming on really nicely, I just need to get some results from it but I am happy with how I raced today.

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