Cyclopark Summer series - 9th May - Alex Ashman reporting:

Cyclopark World Championships are always hotly contested and tonight was no exception. With a smaller than usual bunch, due to the biblical weather that had prevailed all day, it was either going to be very defensive or full gas. It went from joking on the start line about how we were probably going to get caught by the 3/4 bunch to the hardest racing of my life in just an hour! Due to the smaller peloton there was nowhere to hide so, I had to think, constantly, about the best way to save my energy for the finale. Forming an alliance with Rhys Clegg, we tried many times to get away in the last 15 minutes, but the bunch wasn’t having it. I launched my ‘sprint’ with about 600 meters to go but was caught just in sight of the line.

Sometimes everything goes your way and other times you feel like you’ve done everything right but the result says otherwise. Tonight was the latter and I am determined to get to the top of the podium but I know that I can take away a lot of confidence in the way that I raced.

Coming away from a race flooded with dopamine (and a bit of disappointment from tonight's result) wouldn’t be possible without the help of the sponsors that take away so much of the stress involved in racing!

Thanks to sponsors:

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