Stanley Kennett season so far

Stanley Kennett gives us an overview on his season so far:

So a little report on my season so far...

After a year out, I’ve been lucky enough to join the ranks here at TBW23 .

The year started pretty slow, going into races knowing that I’m not going to be able to perform like I used to. Despite this, I have managed to take a positive from each race.

I raced the Wally Gimber, a race that is known to be hard and that it was.
Unfortunately for me, my head still hasn’t clicked that I couldn’t do what I used to. I couldn’t close gaps as quick or couldn’t hold the wheel like I used to. With a lapse of concentration, a gap opened up and I couldn’t close it . With a hard fought chase I run out of gas trying to make it back.For my first true race in over a year, I wasn’t to disappointed .

The next major race on the calendar was Les Ingman, on the same course as Wally Gimber. Again I went into this with the mindset of race hard have and get some legs back. Yes, it was hard, but this time I was more in control of my efforts, this time attacking myself and giving some big digs! Later on into the race after a few more goes to bridge some moves, my legs left me. This was still a positive performance, building on that from the previous race.

More recently I popped over to Holland with the team for a race that to date I can say was the fastest,hardest and funniest race I have ever competed in .The Wim Hendrix Trophy. This was 110 miles of rain, wind and not to mention cobbles! The race was chaotic with echelons, crashes, monsoon like rain and wind! The race split and then come back together, split and so on. For the first time in a while, I felt almost like me. Later on into the race after bridging moves, I made sure I didn’t lose contact as the race continued to fracture. I was then caught up behind a crash, taking me far out the back. I chased hard, harder then ever before! I managed to regain contact, but that was me spent and after the next cobble section, I was toast. Regardless of no result, I’ve never had so much fun .

Onto the start of the Goodwood series, Tuesday night local worlds! 2 done and no results to talk about so far but its great to be back! 27mph plus averages with attacking from the outset .

So far I can say I haven’t had any “results” to talk about, but I’m enjoying racing again! It’s tough and a comeback after a year out is a long time. I know I’m not what I was, . but I can say I will be, if not better .

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