Hillingdon crits.

Hillingdon Crit West Thames Rnd #5 - 14th May - Dave Williams reporting:

The field this week was back up to full strength with circa 60 riders taking the start line. From the starting whistle the pace was high and the attacks started with small groups forming off the front. Nothing in the end was going to stick due to the field size and strength of the peloton, let alone with a lighter than usual head wind, it meant it was slightly easier into what normally can make or break the race. I battled for the wheels at the head of the race as sitting anywhere further back than the top 15-20 riders gave a sketchy ride to say the least. I dug in and maintained my position right the way through until 3 laps to go when I really did have to fight for my place at the head of the race, well out the way of trouble behind. The pace slowed momentarily with around 1.5 laps to go and pinned to the outside of the track a large group of riders forced through on the inside of the track over the top of us, at this I then had to battle hard through small gaps as they appeared... finally jumping on a wheel of a rider pushing through nicely I had hoped it would have taken me all the way through to the front, but he hesitated on the finishing straight which stopped my charge and in the end meant I finished 12th in a mass bunch sprint. It was a tough race but the legs are slowly but surely coming alive so with another ride under my belt I am hopeful for improved results in the weeks to come!

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