Stourport Crits

Stourport Crit - 21st May - Cameron Foster reporting:


Tuesday night I raced at Stourport again, the race started a bit later than normal due to several crashes in the previous races, Firstly, I hope all riders are ok! From the gun there were many attacks, I tried myself too, but nothing stuck. With about 15 minutes to go, I followed a move which looked promising where we got a big gap quite quickly and held away for a few laps before getting caught. As we got caught, everyone sat up so I gave it a little dig and no one followed. I kept going and as I crossed the line it was 5 to go so I kept pushing on wondering if I'd get caught or if someone would jump across. Thankfully neither happened and I held a small gap, which slowly grew and with 1 lap to go I had a 20 second gap. I knew I just needed to get round safe. I finally crossed the line with my arms in the air for the first time this season, what a great experience!

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