Barton Wheelers 10 mile TT

Barton Wheelers 10 mile TT - 23rd May - 2nd place - 20:46 - Kieran Hotson reporting:

Having been given the clear to start riding again after my broken collarbone, I had my first ride back in the morning of the race to get used to riding on the road again having spent the last two months on the turbo recovering from my crash at the Eddie Soens RR. My progress with gaining form again has been good on the turbo, with plenty of hours logged on there, so it was great to finally get back out there on the road.

In the evening I went down to the TT. The wind had dropped a fair bit down to a steady breeze and it was still warm. A pleasant evening for racing. The course is rolling made up of twisting B roads and country lanes so it's not a particularly fast course. Nevertheless I managed to post a time of 20:46 which was around 20 seconds off the win and about 20-30 seconds off where I usually am for that course so I was pretty happy with my start to what will hopefully be a successful comeback.

Thanks to Josh Blackley for the photos

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