Blyton Crits

Blyton circuit series E/1/2/3 rd 1 - 9th - 28th May - Kieran Hotsonreporting:

This was my first road race back after 3 months away from road racing due to an injury. I was quite nervous going into the event and was happy to jump back in at a local race to break myself in on what was a pleasant evening with few issues. Any result would’ve been a bonus. The weather however had other ideas and just as I arrived in the race car park 1 hour to go, the heavens opened, it poured down for about an half an hour flooding the circuit. As many riders started driving home 20 mins before the start not wanting to face the deluge, I made the lonely walk over to the hut to sign on as the rain backed off to a drizzle. I dressed with pretty much all I had brought. Definitely a good idea slapping on the veloToze as well as all the new warm Le Col kit. Pretty confident that the weather wasn’t going to change, I even pinned the number to my gillet and not my jersey.

All kitted up I rolled down to the start line with the other brave souls who decided to race as well. There were approximately 40 riders on the line. We rolled out for the first lap and just my luck the heavens opened up once again drenching me completely before the end of lap one.

Being my first race back and one in biblical conditions it was safe to say my confidence on the corners was far from high in the opening laps, which cost me the main move of 6 riders up the road. I couldn’t catch them and so I ended up in no mans land alone between groups for the first half of the race before I was caught by 5 more riders, who I then joined and worked with for the remaining laps of the race. My group came down to a sprint for 7th which I was third in giving me 9th place. Not a bad result for my first road race back!

Thanks to sponsors:

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