Richard Taylor Memorial RR

Richard Taylor memorial RR - 26th May - David Reece reporting:

This race was dedicated to my friend and fellow racer Rick who sadly passed away while out training last year. A local race to me as much he! I train round the roads everyday so knew the courses for the 2 stages like the back of my hand. The first stage being a hill climb meant I had amble time to practice this short effort. Come to the day of the race, another stretch of bad luck meant I’d been ill all week and I knew I wouldn’t be in contention, but decided to give it a go in memory of rick. The hill climb I placed a respectable 22nd, with some hot completion from Uci professionals and having not ridden for the whole week, my performance was seemingly ok!

The 2nd stage was 80 mile road race just 90 minutes after the hill climb. I wasn’t feeling to good at the start will man flu still in full effect. I gave it a go but didn’t really have any legs to do any damage and was just hanging in there as long as possible until 1 more time 30+ mph out of the corner I got distances from the bunch. I was obviously disappointed as I trained for this local Nat B, but what can you do. Rest up and prepare for the next one was that.

Thanks to sponsors:

Stuart Hall Cycling.
Gett Taxi Uk.
TBW The Bike Warehouse
Le Col
Clive Emson
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