York Road Omnium

Saturday 8th June - York road omnium - regional A - Kieran Hotsonreporting:

My first bigger race since my return and I was really looking forward to riding this brand new event. A road bike omnium style event held over 4 events in one day around the York sport village crit circuit. The 4 events were a scratch race, a points race, a one lap sprint and an unknown distance race. As the event was emphasised on having team entries I formed a composite team of 3 other local riders I race and train with, Ben gale, Stuart Harrison and Dan Hutchinson. We formed the composite team and I managed to secure backing from my local bike shop (Jc Cooks) for a team jersey and nutrition products and we named the team Jc Cook Factory RT.

As I arrived at the race the traditional British summer rolled in and the rain started to pour down. The first event of the day was the plain and simple scratch race, a race which kicked off early doors splitting the group to pieces in the opening laps. I stayed in the reduced lead group marshaling any attacks that went, making sure nobody sneaked away. The reduced lead group came down to a gallop for the win and I managed to roll a 3rd place.

The next race was the one lap sprint race. This event was held in smaller group of the mens field so there was 4 rounds of this race. Each group had around 10 riders in it based on abilities to keep a one lap dash as safe as possible. I was put in the strongest "A" group. Predictably this race was very very fast making it partially a clipping in race. I got a good start keeping up the front but again not strong enough to win the sprint and again rolling in 3rd.

Next up was the points race. Held over 12 laps with primes instead of points every 3 laps. Again I was able to stay up front out of trouble but just not quite strong enough to snatch a prime or the win, again rolling another 3rd place. That race was split into two groups based on abilities. I was again in the "A group".

Last up was the unknown distance race. Another event that was split into two groups on abilities. My race ended up being only 8 laps so it was very short and sweet. A rider attacked with 1km to go as we took the bell. Splitting the group to just 4 leaders including myself with 500m to go. I held my own. But again rolled in 3rd. This string of 3rd places as well as some other good results from my teammates placed our team 4th overall and myself 4th overall in the individual standings.

All in all a really good day out with some strong competition and a great event as something new.

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