Circuit of the Mendips

Circuit of the Mendips - 16th June - Ryan Watkins reporting:

My third premier calendar race of the season last Sunday reasonably local for me down in the Mendips. After a long 6.5 mile neutral then a 10 minute delay to the race start, we eventually got under way. At the start of the race I was well at the front and gave it a go to try and get in an early move off the front. This didn’t last too long with the headwind but I held my position in the bunch until the first climb where I slipped back through the bunch slightly. I got over the first climb with the main bunch and sat in for a good 20 miles until the second climb which was probably the hardest. It split the bunch into several different groups but I managed to get over it in the second group with some really good riders. Unfortunately a few miles later, Ribble pushed the pace in the cross wind section and I lost the wheel after being in the gutter for a few miles. I dropped back to the third group on the road which was the biggest group and worked to try and catch the other 2 groups for another 20 miles. The race pushed on up the third climb and I managed to stick in the group which had decreased in size but unfortunately I lost the wheel on the same cross wind section as before, leading to a disappointing DNF, but having gained some valuable experience racing at this level.

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