Crawley Wheelers RR

Crawley Wheelers Summer Road Race Nat B - 8th June - Peter Merrittreporting:

After a few weeks of reduced training due to a bout of tendinitis, I was feeling a little uneasy in the lead up to this race. The weather seemed unpredictable; torrential when signing on, sunny when warming up. The course was an undulating 16km circuit that was to be completed just under 8 times for a total of 127km (79 miles).

A group of 4 got clear on the first lap. Later on, a few more groups made it up the road. I made a few efforts to join, but they were poorly timed (and therefore unsuccessful) and with a few laps to go there were 16 riders up the road. The peloton itself had downsized considerably due to the demanding course and turbulent conditions. As a result of this, the impetus in the bunch to pursue those in front was lost. On the last lap, the peloton had been reduced to less than 20 riders. Following the bunch kick for minor places, I rolled in for 22nd place.

Unsure of my condition going into this race meant riding with more reservation than normal. Understandably, this led to many missed opportunities. Nevertheless, it's nice to be back on the bike and pain-free!

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