London Dynamo RR

London Dynamo National B - 16th June - Joe West reporting:

On Sunday I made my way down to a local circuit in Dunsfold for the annual Dynamo Road Race. The heavens opened on our way down leaving a lot of standing water on the circuit and the coms were contemplating canceling the race for safety reasons as there were some nasty crashes in the earlier womens race!

Once they delayed the start, we also had 20 kilometers neutralized for a sighting lap with came in handy for learning the circuit as I've never raced here before.

Once the flag dropped the pace was set high, with myself and a handful of others determined to get away but nothing was to stick as the peloton really wasn't letting up when we made a gap. As I was a lone rider, others expected me to close gaps if anything looked threatening but after all the attacks nothing was to stick and it all came down to a bunch sprint which with a nice little drag to the finish line suited me and I came across the line 10th. Happy days!

Big thanks to all the organisers and sponsors who put together a quality race!

Thanks to sponsors:


Stuart Hall Cycling.

Gett Taxi Uk.

TBW The Bike Warehouse



Le Col

Clive Emson

Lake shoes




Andrew Hillman

Wigmore Cycling Club