Tour de Lasalle.

Tour de Lasalle - Stage 1- David Reece reporting:

We left the apartment in high hopes until the heavens opened, non stop heavy rain, it was like just being back at home! Because of the high winds the weather was changing every hour and we couldn’t predict what the conditions would be like in the race.

When we arrived the rain eased up and that set the scene for the race. We rolled out into the boat as the first stage was on one of the many small island in the North Holland. The race started after a small neutral section as we left the boat. The speed was very quick for the first 10 minutes averaging 32mph, in this time there was 3 crashes, which we only ended up behind. Matty Dobbing punctured which ruined his stage due to the speed making it impossible to rejoin again solo.

The peloton split which left me and Joe Howcroft in a smaller group behind, with only a few people wanting or that could actually pull through on the front I pulled a massive turn right down the back side of the course to put us within 10 seconds of the leading group. I then moved over, but had to go back through within no time to finish closing the gap. Instantly again soon after we re joined, another rider dropped a wheel, which I had no option to close. Everyone sat on me then once I closed the gap came past. Nice of them.

We then hit a strong crosswind which after 20 minutes at over 400w I wasn’t able to close the wheel. Extremely frustrating seen as though I did the majority of the work to get a lot of riders back in the race. 
Cameron Foster managed to hold on to the back of the peloton someone the whole race to finish on the same time as 9th place, great ride cam. 
Joe managed to get back into the main group to also finish on the same time as cam.

I finished a couple of minutes down, very frustrating and annoying seen as though I felt really strong! Onto the next stage tomorrow. Anything can happen so we’ll see.

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