Tour de Lasalle.

Tour de Lasalle - Stage 3 - Cameron Foster reporting:

Stage 3 was a short and flat out time trial, with 3 hair pins coming in the first mile of the race. My plan was to try and get aero and push as hard as possible. It went well and nothing much happened, couldn't catch anyone and no one caught me which is a bonus. There was two small climbs the first being at the hair pins then a second just over a KM to go. By the time I hit the last climb I was deep into the red and moving fast watching the avg speed go up! Coming down the small downhill section towards the finish had a few speed bumps for me to bunny hop to add some excitement and I sprinted towards the finish. Post race after I turned around I was flagged down by a guy with a clip board asking if I was Cameron. Wondering if I was in trouble for something, I said yeah and he asked if I'd like to give an interview for the local radio station at which I jumped at!