Scunthorpe Open Track

Scunthorpe open track event - Friday 21st June - E1234 - Kieran Hotson reporting:

10 lap scratch - the first event up after a bit of absence from the track recently I was keen to get stuck in. Rolling round the first few laps no problem until 5 laps to go when the attacks started. I covered the moves well and with 3 to go I jumped clear with one other rider to gain a clear advantage and on the last lap nearly took the sprint but had to settle for 2nd.

Points race - in this race I had a few digs to get away but was covered too much and ended up getting worked over. I managed 2nd in one of the sprints but overall I think I was 4th or 5th.

Quibel 1 mile - hitting the race hard from the off I struggled to move up in the first half so had to really push in the last lap to push right up in the end rolling in 4th.

10 mile scratch - again in this race I was up near the front trying to keep out of trouble and for the most part contributing strong turns keeping the pace high. In the last few laps 6 if us went clear and on the last lap I had a solo gap and tried to take it to the line. Unfortunately I just got rolled at the end coming 4th.

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