National Time Trail Championship. U23.

National U23 TT championships - 27th June - 34th place - Kieran Hotsonreporting:

conditions greeted the race fairly well with a moderate temperature but a stiff breeze to add further thoughts. Going into the pacing strategy for the this event I was very much looking forward to now as my training for my comeback has started to taper as my fitness is returning pretty well now.

After getting to the course the day before for a recon I was fairly surprised that the course was far more rolling than anticipated with many drags and false flats to consider all around the course. With so many different possibilities of pacing it. It was no surprise at the end of the day that the course had certainly caused some surprises as well as some upsets.

For myself in the race I felt like I'd paced it as well as I could. Holding back some gas over the early climbs then hitting the power climbs later on hard and using the descents to recover. With 4km to go I caught my minute man so got a good mental boost there. Emptying the tank up the finish climb I felt like I'd got it right giving the last bits of energy to the finish. All was good and then the big guns started rolling in and taking huge chunks out of my time.

I finished in 34th place but this was disappointing for me. As a competitive rider I was left wanting more, but upon reflection with the year I've had so far and the lack of prep time for the event I guess I can't be too down about it. Onwards and upward!

Thanks to Paul Dable for the photo!

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