Radnorshire RR

Radnorshire RR - Sunday 16th June - Matthew Hanford reporting:

Earlier this month, I raced Radnorshire RR which was a 56 mile Regional A in Llandrindod Wells. The race rolled out and from the gun attacks went, as it was only going to be a 2hr race I decided to ride hard and follow these moves. None of which were the moves to stay though. Then after 15min a group of 4 went up the road which I could see wasn’t going to be threatening, I decided to sit in the bunch until we got to the climb. We hit the climb and the break was still in sight, I decided to get on the front and ride hard to bring it back. Over the top keeping on top of the power the group had strung out and only a couple of people would come through. We then caught the break on the descent. Whilst then just going with the flow of the race I went to follow a little dig where my chain slipped off and got stuck between the frame and resulted in twisting the chain. I got dropped but then rode hard on a twisted chain to get back on, but then as we started hitting the hillier roads the chain just couldn’t survive. I ended up getting a lift back in the broom wagon. Sad end to what could’ve been a great result!

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