Stourport Crit

Strouport Crit - 2nd July - Cameron Foster reporting:

On Tuesday I rode my local mid week crit, Strouport again. Sadly there were only 6 people, so we were only racing for 3 points which was a surprise on such a a nice night. The race started with attacks as normal and eventually the race blew apart with two up the road, with another rider and myself chasing but after several laps of not closing the gap the fire went out of the chase and we accepted our fate. As we got near to the end I had a few attacks to try and get away solo but it didn't happen. Sadly there was some confusion at the end where as we got lapped by the winner as we came up to the line for the bell lap, they ended the race and as I was in 4th place I missed out on contesting for the one point on offer, a little disappointed but these things happen.

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