Tour of the Reservoir.

Tour of the Reservoir - 22nd-23rd June - Matty Dobbing reporting:

Tour of the reservoir stage 1 - a pretty relaxed start on a warm day, the race started with no drama with the break being left to go up the road with not much resistance. I was just keeping myself tucked in the wheels as I knew that the climb to come would be brutal, after a few miles later the first accent of the 15min climb which as expected was hard especially at the top where the cross winds took hold and Canyon forced the pace I ended up being on the wrong side for when the wind came in being right in the wind. I tried to move up far as I could but the cross wind section after the climb seemed to be the hardest and the race split to bits. The 2nd time up the climb I didn't have the legs as our group split in half which was disappointing as that was 20 positions gone but our group cracked on with wiggins, Ribble and a few other big teams, so was happy to be in good company. I managed to get round which in itself is a big accomplishment for me as a first year under U23 and 74th position which gives me a lot to improve in the future!

Tour of the reservoir - stage 2. After the uphill neutral section the race kicked off straight away in the cross winds, the race was in bits after 10 miles. I ended up in a group including Tom Moses and a few other good riders, but in the wind I was struggling a bit being a lighter rider so slipped back to another echelon but the race still came back together. Into the hardest part of the course, the very hilly part I suffered a puncture. The neutral service then messed up my wheel change then didn't help me get back on meaning game over, but planning on coming back stronger next year.

Thanks to all the organisers who made it happen!

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