Victor Berlemont Trophy

Victor Berlemont Trophy RR Nat B - 25/08 - Peter Merritt reporting:

Kieran Hotson and I lined up among a field of 80 riders for the country's longest National B road race. 11 laps of a near 10 miles circuit for a total of 108 miles. The circuit was undulating and exposed; characteristics that were exacerbated by the windy conditions and intense heat! As the race began, a majority of the field were keen to avoid spending too much energy early on. A small group of riders capitalised on this by establishing an early break. Kieran and I went with multiple countermoves, but it was to no avail. As the race wore on, the weather and terrain took their toll, and the peloton became evermore depleted. After putting in a grand effort in the first half, Kieran didn't have much left in the tank for the final laps and had to end his race early. About 60 miles in, there were already two group up the road. With the peloton constantly reducing in number, I followed a small group that attacked off the front. We started as a group of 15, but come the final couple of laps this was reduced to just six. No one had much left in the legs for a sprint and we rolled in together as the last riders left in the race. Of the 80 riders that started, only 20 finished. With this in mind, I was relatively pleased to come in 18th place.

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