Scunthorpe Open Track

Scunthorpe open track league - Quibel Park Velodrome - Friday 6th September - Kieran Hotson reporting:

A slightly windy and fresh night greeted the riders on Friday night at the track after a few cancelled events previously due to rain, so we were all keen to get back stuck into some good fast racing.

First up was the 10 lap scratch race around the 500m track with a very active fast race to start things off. In the closing laps I was battling with the race favourite Aaron Preston to keep in a position to watch him. On the last lap I tried a gamble on the back straight to jump early pushing a slightly lighter gear giving me a faster jump while the other riders were looking at each other. I got a good gap but was just caught on the line by Aaron but held on for a solid 2nd place.

Next up was the devil. Eliminating riders every lap until only 4 riders remain to fight out for the win. The group mostly kept together at a good brisk pace all race as I kept myself marshaling the race from the back keeping a good eye on every rider remaining then to just roll up before the line so I didn't get eliminated. I made it into the 4 man shootout on the last lap waiting a little later this time for my rival to sprint first with the aim of coming past him on the banking before the finish this time. As he jumped on the back straight I was there on his wheel but just didn't quite have the power to get past him in the finish taking another 2nd place.

Last up was the 10 mile scratch race - with all the daylight gone now under the floodlights and the air getting cold I kept myself warm between races with my Le Col Long sleeved thermal jersey doing a great job. The race soon kicked off in the first few laps with a few attacks and surges to line the group out and split things up. By halfway we had just 6 riders left on the front group with me. Working well to take us all the way into the finish where I had another gamble to jump first whilst Aaron was boxed in at the bottom of the track. I nearly held on again but it wasn't to be as Aaron managed to squeeze his way out and managed to surge past again. For me another 2nd place.

Thanks to John Robert Photography and Richard Howes Photography for the photos!

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