Tour of Montenegro Stage 1

Tour of Montenegro - Stage 1 - Josh Parkin reporting:

The day started on a bit of a low, as sadly Ollie Morgan had been involved in a collision with a car while out on the reccy ride the day before. Thankfully, Ollie was not injured badly and came away with a buckled front wheel and a broken bottle cage. Feeling good the next day, Ollie used his frustration to fuel his race!

The teams gathered at the race hotel, ready to role out for the race ceremony at 2pm. The team rolled down to the old town of Kotor for the team presentation. With the sun beaming at 32 degrees, it was going to be a hot one! The team then rolled to the start line at the bottom of the mountain, finding shade to rest in before the start.

The hill climb started at 4:15pm, with riders set off at 1 minute intervals. Ollie Morgan punctured before the start, but we had enough time for a wheel change. Josh Copley punctured in the last kilometer but will still able to finish, with the rest of the team finishing with no major issues. The team climbed a staggering 900m over 21 kilometers with the winner finishing in 46 minutes and 26 seconds.

The race operated a one way system, meaning all riders had to wait at the top until everyone had finished. I waited at the bottom, so to ensure the riders were all okay before setting of. I sent some refreshments to the top, including lots of water in the back of another team car as I had no way of getting to the top as the road was closed by Police for the race.

Following stage 1, the team rolled back the the race hotel, giving them time to spin their legs out and discuss how they felt about the stage.

Roll on stage 2!

Team positions:

Ollie Morgan 6th
David Reece 10th
Matty Dobbing 14th
Josh Copley 23rd
Cameron Foster 33rd

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