Tour of Montenegro Stage 2

Tour of Montenegro - Stage 2 - Josh Parkin reporting:

The day started on a high, with Ollie Morgan sitting in 6th place on GC having been 6th the day before.The team had a game plan for day two. With another hot day ahead, the team were well prepared with enough bottles, thanks to Clive Emson Land & Property Auctioneers. During the race, temperatures hit 44 degrees celsius, so the team were conscious to ensure they kept drinking, consuming over 30 liters of water between the five of them in the race alone.

The team rode 3.5 miles to the start of stage two and then completed a lap of the course, so to familiarise themselves with what lay ahead of them. Stage 2 consisted of 30 laps of a 3.3km circuit, undulating slightly each lap. Being well positioned on start line, the team started well, ensuring they remained in the top third of the race.

The first attack of the day came from Ollie Morgan, rolling the dice and testing the water of the teams following a tough stage 1. Sadly, Ollie was caught after 1 lap away and a counter attack split the group. The race began to fragment very quickly. A group of 7 got away, including 2 riders from KK Kranj, one of the elite teams, @Ollie Morgan and Matty DobbingDavid ReeceJosh Copley and Cameron Foster worked hard to ensure both Ollie made the decisive move and then remained in the bunch.

The leading group later split in two two smaller groups after some attacks from other teams. Both Ollie and Matt were now in the second group on the road with one other rider. Behind, the gap was opening up from the leaders to an ever depleting bunch. After putting themselves in the red to get Ollie in the move, both Cam and Josh unfortunately got dropped from the bunch. Cam made the decision to roll in and rest ready for day 3, after having trouble with his ankle caused by injury earlier this season and Josh rolled in just behind the bunch.

Stage 2 team positions:

Matty Dobbing 5th
Ollie Morgan 7th
David Reece 12th
Josh Copley 23rd
Cameron Foster DNF


Ollie Morgan 5th
Matty Dobbing 7th
David Reece 11th
Josh Copley 20th
Cameron Foster DNF

Team GC:

KK Kranj 1st
Velo M Termalift 2nd
TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi Bottecchia 3rd

Thanks to Team Giant-RBS for transporting me to and from the start for each stage!

Roll on day 3!

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