Duncan Murray Wines RR

Duncan Murray wines RR - 11th August - Matty Dobbing reporting:

The race started off fast with a big pile up first lap into the cross wind section, Stanley Kennett then attacked to try and get into the early break but to no avail. A couple of other breaks went and came back until Peter Merritt managed to get into a strong group of 8 which stayed a way for a while but riders were too keen to chase everything back. David Reece and I then stayed towards the front to monitor who went away and chase if needed. Coming into the final couple of kms a lone rider was left to hang while everyone got ready for a reduced bunch sprint. I was slightly out of position so started the uphill sprint a bit early hanging on until 10 meters from the line, but hung on for a creditable 3rd place. Stanley finished in 7th and the other 3 riders in the top 30. Well organised race and good course but a shame about the crashes and horses on the course.

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