Full Gas Summer Series

Full Gas Summer Circuit Series E/1/2/3 - 3rd August - Stanley Kennettreporting:

After a good couple of weeks training and slowly finding my race legs this year, I headed down to cyclopark with Peter Merritt. The race started as expected fast with attacks and I took it upon myself to be the main protagonist, with a couple of moves away I truly thought it was going to stick . With me attacking, it meant peter could sit in the bunch and attempt to cover off others chasing me down. 
on the final lap it was all together and coming to the bunch kick I felt great near the front waiting for the fuse to light . A rider lit up the sprint and I responded to it quickly . As I went to go I changed gear and dropped my chain losing my momentum, slowing Peter up as well. I still managed to hold the bike up and get going again finishing 4th a result but I wanted that win.

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