Goodwood Series

Goodwood Series - 6th August - Stanley Kennett reporting:

On Tuesday after saying goodbye to a dear friend, I promised I would win that evening for him at Goodwood. A man who supported me from the start and even cane to my first race. I felt it important I gave it my all for him.

This week at Goodwood, 100 riders took to the line, the biggest field I have ever raced against at this venue. I knew it was going to be quick, I just needed to be at the front. 
As the race went on it was clear riders wanted the prime sprint points. As they lined up the sprint trains for these I stayed on the back of them waiting for my time to go. After the prime, as they sat up, I launched my attack . Joined by many riders we formed a good break and we stayed away for a while, but with a determined bunch, we were caught after 4 laps. 
3 laps to go and the final prime, I went for the same tactic on the back of the trains ready to launch .
As before I went again, this time alone for a while and 2 riders eventually joined me. With 3 of us away, we all agreed to work pulling big turns to hold the charging bunch off. With 2 laps to go we still had 16 seconds on the bunch. With 1 lap to go I knew we could do hold the gap and I was determined not to give in. One rider dropped off, leaving 1 rider and myself, I pulled my turn swung over and he took his. Into the final straight I kicked and went and took the win. It has been 2 years since my last win and a year out from riding, I am finally on the comeback path .

More importantly I did it for my friend.


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