Jef Schils Memorial RR

Jef Schils Memorial Road Race 2019 - 1st September - Harry Horsman reporting:

Myself and four teammates ventured to Colchester for one of the final National B show downs of the 2019 season. With an exciting and complex route, the Jeff Schils memorial road race offered cross winds aplenty, taking us past and over the Abberton reservoir in all manner of circuit variations. After a large neutral zone, Ryan WatkinsJosh CopleyPeter Merritt and Joe West sat close to the front of the bunch as the flag went down and proceeded to watch and follow. Feeling slightly lethargic, I battled during early cross winds just to stay in contact but as we hit the half way mark I found myself at the front thanks to guidance from the Copley steam train. Becoming ever increasingly settled, I managed to find myself off the front numerous times as did Joe who rode powerfully at the head of the peloton. Having missed the nine man selection and with nothing seeming to stick from the main group it seemed inevitable that a large bunch sprint was going to occur. Only just having got back on after a mechanical issue, Pete managed to get a solid result with Ryan coming in the best out of us in 14th, Joe just behind and with myself and Josh closely trailing. With this being his first race back after multiple heart surgeries, this was a very impressive performance by Josh! On reflection, we could have communicated more frequently and raced more efficiently. However, positives can be taken in what was salvaged and as a team unit, we look towards the next race. Many thanks to Jason Nind and Josh Parkin for supporting in the car and providing guidance, our parents for standing in the feed zone and Velo Schils Interbike and Velo Schils - Interbike Racing Team for putting on a great event!

Thanks to Neale Watkins for the photos!

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