Kenneth Lush Memorial RR

Kenneth Lush Memorial RR Nat B - 14th July - Peter Merritt reporting:

On Sunday, I went up to Great Chishill, Hertfordshire, for the Kenneth Lush Memorial RR. 15 laps of an 8.5km circuit for a total 129km (80 miles). It was a short and punchy lap (reminiscent of a Belgian Kermis). For the first half of the race, everything stayed together. The bunch whittled down a bit over the undulating course, but a breakaway was yet to form. With 6 laps to go, I got in a break of 15. In an attempt to reduce the size of the break, a number of riders began attacking and the group split. 6 riders made it up the road, and the rest of us got caught by the peloton. Upon getting caught, a group of 3 counterattacked and bridged to the breakaway. Come the last lap, there were a total of 9 riders up the road. In the bunch kick, I started a bit too far back and rolled in for 17th place.

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