Matthew Hanford in Belgium

GP Bottelare - 15th August - Matthew Hanford reporting:

Onto my 2nd Kermesse of the week, we rode 10 miles to the town of Bottelare for a ‘hilly’ race. This time I told myself to not attack for no reason and to play the patient game. The circuit was a hard circuit with a very fast tailwind section, a short gradual climb, technical corners and short cobble sections. The race kicked off and was full gas from the start. I sat in the top 15 of the bunch letting other riders bring back moves. Later in the race I found myself off the front with 4 other riders trying to bridge to the break but riders skipping turns and not committing resulted in us being brought back. After 2+ hours of racing we came into the last lap. I was 2nd wheel going into the last bend before the spring, unfortunately for me the guy just sat up and pulled away. I then looked over and saw Ben Foames so I gave him the nod and led him out for the bunch sprint for around 30th which he won. I came in at 43rd out of 68 and was happy with the way I rode, just looking to improve each race!

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