Max in Belgium

Friday 12th July- IZEGEM EMMELGEM - Max McMurdo reporting:

So myself and Ollie rode down into town to the train station, we got the train with all our kit to go about an hour west near Kortrijk, for an evening kermesse around the right circuit in Izegem. It started as most races do, start sprint, in the 11 and leave it there, there were primes every lap which were hotly contested and meant the race was always strung out in one line. One thing I am aiming to improve is my positioning in the bunch as I was caught behind a crash and after bringing back to the Peleton I have missed the break and had burnt most of my matches. I cracked on for as long as possible in the ever depleting peleton finishing 35th, rode back to the station and arrived very late back in the evening! All in the name of fun.

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