Max in Belgium

OOOSTKAMP- 1st August 2019 - Max McMurdo reporting:

I Felt really up for this race after a few bad performances, there was a class field with riders who’ve been winning for fun this year. The circuit was a real tight technical flat circuit round the town centre of 24 laps, each one having 9 90° lefts or rights. I was really well positioned in the early stages of the race and went with moves I thought might’ve got away. I was unable to go with the final one which ended up sticking to the end, but knowing I was there gave me a lot of confidence. I tried to recover for later on in the race and with 2 laps to go I moved up to try attack with a lap to go, but by the time it came to where I was going to attack it was lined out and all I could do was match the speed of the peleton. Coming into the sprint I really had spent myself rolling in with the peleton but with prize money covering entry I’ll take that as a big plus for me!

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