Portsmouth Crits

Portsmouth crit - 20th July - Cameron Foster reporting:

On Saturday I rode a crit at Portsmouth and everything went wrong before the race. I Forgot to take my breakfast and my turbo broke before the start so I didn't get to warm up as well before the race! Anyway, the race started as normal with attacks going and coming back and shortly into the race I managed to follow the right attack and ended up away as a 3 up shortly joined by a 4th. We worked well together and by the half way mark we lapped the bunch, however this is where things got tricky as the bunch didn't let us pass, they just sat behind us then started attacking and getting mixed up with are though and off. I found this weird as they were messing up their race for 5th and made it harder for us as we stopped doing our smooth pace and had to keep attacking and responding to the attacks. They then had to let us go for our sprint at the end after they let 2 more riders go up the road in the closing laps. As we went for our sprint we had to wind it up from a long way back and I luckily managed to get 3rd! In short it was harder than any breakaway I've normally been in before so must have been good training.

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