Rutland cc Tumby's RR

Rutland CC Tumby’s RR - 21st July - Harry Horsman reporting:

Having raced a National B crit at Darley Moor the day before where I felt slightly on the sluggish side, I was hoping that for the Rutland CC Tumby’s RR I would find some kind of good feeling. After a fast and strung out first half, Kieran HotsonDavid Reece and Matty Dobbing were active on and off the front, with myself chasing and following moves that threatened to bring back breaks with them in. As it approached the hour mark and the wind picked up, a large group including Kieran and Matty went up the road. Although they gained a substantial distance on the peloton, they were never out of sight and after a flurry of attacks from opponents it was brought back. Dave also managed to escape numerous times but as with every other attack, nobody was letting anybody gain a sizeable gap, one big enough to possibly last the remaining duration of the race. However as legs started to tire around the group, countless over the top accelerations from the boys meant I was able to sneak off the front in a duo and we remained out front, alone for half a lap before being joined but four other riders. Having won a prime and participating in the chain gang we had going, when the bell lap came I was going deep. A group just behind containing Kieran floated in between us and the peloton. As we turned onto the final straight, the sprinting began and as I surfed the wheels I was just rolled on the line to come in fourth. Kieran finishing strongly in his group, trailing myself by around 20 seconds and with Matty and Dave shortly coming in solidly also. I think it would be agreed that we put on an impressive show of strength as a team unit and did the jersey proud.

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