Salt Ayre

Salt ayre 2/3/4 - Tuesday 6th August - Matty Dobbing reporting:

The race started fast with a rider slipping off on the greasy corner. I then bridged to a group of 3, making it into a group of 4. We rode well until a wheelbase rider attacked me straight after I did my turn, I wasn't happy riding after that point and made sure he stayed on the front, however a group of 3 came across. It came to the last corner and I was sat 2nd wheel, but the rider in front of me just decided not to sprint so I came around him a bit too early holding on until 2 meters to go. A rider came around me with a big lunge and I'd been beaten to the line. Not really happy with 2nd after being so close to the win but taking the positives onto to next one.

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