Sheffield GP

Wednesday 24th July - Sheffield Grand Prix- 38th - E/1/2 national series crit - Kieran Hotson reporting:

After a pretty hectic race schedule over the last few weeks I was feeling a little fatigued going into this event. Despite this I was still greatly looking forward to arguably one of the best town centre crits on the calendar. The steel city crit has it all. Fast straights with technical twists and a small cobbled ramp up for an added spice.

After a long warm up I felt a lot better going into the start getting a decent start in mid bunch and missing most of the early carnage despite taking a near miss nudge into the barriers in the first 100m. Other than that I kept out of trouble for most of the race taking my opportunities to move up the best I could where possible.

In the end I rolled in with the bunch taking a respectable 38th with many riders being pulled in the race after being dropped early on.

With special thanks to Marc Etches for organising a top event as well as HMT Hospitals for sponsoring the event for another year.

Thanks to Larry Hickmott for the photos!

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