Stockton GP

Stockton GP - 14th July - Matty Dobbing reporting:

After a course recon on Saturday afternoon, all the riders knew that the race was going to be brutal up the short grippy climbs. The race started off pretty fast, with everyone trying to get in the early break. I tried to get into this early break but the pace was just too high. Towards the mid point a puncture from another rider caused a split. With Kieran Hotson and Ryan Watkins and myself still safely in the bunch, it was a question of how the legs would feel for the "town centre crit". After 3 hours of racing, this was a challenge! There was a crash as we entered the finishing circuit, causing the bunch to become tetchy, but thankfully after that everyone stayed up right. Wiggins and Vitus increased the pace, bringing back 5 minutes in 25km meaning riders started getting shelled quickly. 4 laps left after 50 riders had gone out of the back Ryan lost touch followed my Kieran a bit later on and myself shortly after that. The whole team rode out of their skins to finish as high up as possible and gain as much experience as possible in the premier calendar race. Results - Matty 64th, Kieran 69th and Ryan 82nd.

Thanks to Neale Watkins for the video of the recon ride on Saturday

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