Stourport Crit

Stourport Crit - 9th July - Cameron Foster reporting:

Tuesday night I was back to my local mid week crit, stourport. Sadly we only had six people so we were racing for reduced points. The race started fast with lots of attacks but none of us could get away from each other. It looked like it would split a couple of times but due to the circuit being the way it was, nothing would stick. I had a few attacks but in the end we only dropped one rider, it basically felt like riding in a breakaway from the word go. It's good training but sadly I couldn't do anything in the sprint due to some dive bombing up my inside into the last hair pins which meant I wasn't on the wheel and didn't get a great sprint. I got 4th with no points, a little disappointed but good training as I'm currently thinking about later in the season which I can't wait for!

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