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British Eagle RR

British eagle road race - 11th May - Matty Dobbing reporting:

Amazing day for a bike race in Scotland, 21 degrees and no wind and my legs feeling pretty good. A lumpy race and a quick start, I felt really comfortable until 10 miles in I punctured. After a slow wheel change and a rusty wheel, I started the chase back on and after 35 minutes of chasing, I finally got back on. I sat in for a bit to get my breath and legs back, but just didn't recover properly after a full gas effort. Came to a reduced bunch sprint with 2 up the road but just didn't have the legs to bridge over to the break even though I felt like I could at the time. Finished in the top 10,none the less, gutted when I knew I should have been contesting the win. On to next weekend!

Thanks to sponsors:

Stuart Hall Cycling.
Gett Taxi Uk.
TBW The Bike Warehouse
Le Col
Clive Emson
Lake shoes
Andrew Hillman
Wigmore Cycling Club

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