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Tour of Lasalle

Tour de Lasalle - Stage 1- David Reece reporting:

We left the apartment in high hopes until the heavens opened, non stop heavy rain, it was like just being back at home! Because of the high winds the weather was changing every hour and we couldn’t predict what the conditions would be like in the race.

When we arrived the rain eased up and that set the scene for the race. We rolled out into the boat as the first stage was on one of the many small island in the North Holland. The race started after a small neutral section as we left the boat. The speed was very quick for the first 10 minutes averaging 32mph, in this time there was 3 crashes, which we only ended up behind. Matty Dobbing punctured which ruined his stage due to the speed making it impossible to rejoin again solo.

The peloton split which left me and Joe Howcroft in a smaller group behind, with only a few people wanting or that could actually pull through on the front I pulled a massive turn right down the back side of the course to put us within 10 seconds of the leading group. I then moved over, but had to go back through within no time to finish closing the gap. Instantly again soon after we re joined, another rider dropped a wheel, which I had no option to close. Everyone sat on me then once I closed the gap came past. Nice of them.

We then hit a strong crosswind which after 20 minutes at over 400w I wasn’t able to close the wheel. Extremely frustrating seen as though I did the majority of the work to get a lot of riders back in the race. 
Cameron Foster managed to hold on to the back of the peloton someone the whole race to finish on the same time as 9th place, great ride cam. 
Joe managed to get back into the main group to also finish on the same time as cam.

I finished a couple of minutes down, very frustrating and annoying seen as though I felt really strong! Onto the next stage tomorrow. Anything can happen so we’ll see.

Tour de Lasalle - Stage 2 - Cameron Foster reporting:

Friday's stage was another fast one! We had a long neutral section to the start of the race where I nearly stacked it on a roundabout caused by a unplanned drift which resulted in some bruising. Thankfully the race stayed together and we tried a few attacks, mine didn't get much further than 5 bike lengths up the road. David Reece tried to get up the road but after half a mile it was back together. As the race went on we all got to sharpen our bunch riding skills as nothing was getting away. The race ended in a big bunch sprint and we all finished safely in the bunch with no time lost with Matty Dobbing finishing around the 22nd ish mark.

Tour de Lasalle - Stage 3 - Cameron Foster reporting:

Stage 3 was a short and flat out time trial, with 3 hair pins coming in the first mile of the race. My plan was to try and get aero and push as hard as possible. It went well and nothing much happened, couldn't catch anyone and no one caught me which is a bonus. There was two small climbs the first being at the hair pins then a second just over a KM to go. By the time I hit the last climb I was deep into the red and moving fast watching the avg speed go up! Coming down the small downhill section towards the finish had a few speed bumps for me to bunny hop to add some excitement and I sprinted towards the finish. Post race after I turned around I was flagged down by a guy with a clip board asking if I was Cameron. Wondering if I was in trouble for something, I said yeah and he asked if I'd like to give an interview for the local radio station at which I jumped at!

Tour de Lasalle - Stage 4 - Matty Dobbing reporting:

The race started on the coast meaning the wind was going to be a factor as well as the fact the course was twisty and testing. The race started fast from the gun splitting quickly within a few laps, with myself making the front split of 12 with Cameron FosterJoe Howcroft and David Reece safely in the 2nd split. The gap went out quickly to over a couple of minutes, Dave then suffered a puncture meaning his race was finished. I then attacked up the steep cyclo cross style hill with 600 meters to go just getting caught 50 meters from the line hanging on for 7th. I was happy for trying to reach out for the win and just falling short as the guys in the front group were in the 7 foot club so a sprint wasn't an option. Joe and Cam crossed the line in 30th and 35th.

Tour de Lasalle - Stage 5 - Matty Dobbing reporting:

The final stage to round off the week, this was a fast flowing crit with 4 bends consisting of 90 degree turns. All of the lads started near to the front in case the race decided to go from the gun. The first part of the race was neutralised due to a head wind. I clipped off the front early staying away with another rider for a few laps then again with another rider but to no avail. David Reece then got in the next few breaks also keeping himself towards the front with Cameron Foster and Joe Howcroftsafely tucked in from the wind. As the race progressed into the last few laps the pace was really high meaning bunch positioning was crucial as everyone was fighting for gaps. A few riders got away in the final few laps, but with the strength in the bunch we thought it would come back. I then made sure he stayed near the front before launching his sprint to take 8th in the category with all the other riders safely finishing and rounding off an amazing week of racing.

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